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Our Goat Family

Get to know each and everyone of our farm family members!  We love everyone of these guys with all of our hearts.  They aren't just farm animals, but hold a special place in our lives.  They may be a little spoiled, but having our little homestead has brought our family closer together as it's grown four hooves and paws at a time. 


This is Vincent Van Goat, Nigerian Dwarf (ND) our very first farm baby.  He was only 2 days old when I brought him home, and stayed with us in the house until he was 3 months old.  Yes, he wore diapers and onesies, and quickly thought he was a dog.  He still does, and still loves me as his momma.  He also started the trend of painter and paintings for names for our animals.


Sunflower (obvious painting)ND, aka Sunny, was the second addition to the farm.  She was just a chubby little girl when we got her at 8 weeks old, now she is the herd Queen, a great momma to her babies, having twins each kidding, and she is  a strong milker.  She loves getting that extra time on the milk stand...or maybe it's just the extra feed.


Olive (from the painting Olive Trees), ND, was the second girl added to our herd.  She is a talker, loves to be loved on and cuddled, and does what she can to reach those leaves.  She has been a good momma, having a single baby on her first kidding.


Next came Poppy (named after Poppy Flowers painting), ND.  She was Chaela (our oldest daughter's) bottle baby.  She got her when she was just a week old, and cared for her with such love.  She did stay in the house for until she was about 8 weeks old, then transitioned to be in the goat yard and learned to be a real goat.  She is one of our smallest girls here on the homestead, just turning 1 at the end of January, and not over a foot tall.


Pinky (left) and Peaches (right), were named after the Pink and Peach Tree painting.  They are both Nigerian Dwarfs and came to us as a bundle. They've been inseparable since


Pinky (left) is a riot!  She's a screamer and has the most unique voice.  She has grown a lot since we got her but still crawls up in my lap anytime i'm sitting in the goat yard.  Peaches (right) has grown into her big ole eyeballs! She's super fuzzy and we love her wattles (neck jewelry).  She's become more lovey as she's grown up, but sticks right with her BFF Pinky.      


Dixie Dove (Dove after the Picasso painting "Girl with dove"), ND, is one of the newest members of our homestead family here, and definitely our biggest!  Her heart is as big as she is, and she will follow us around the goat yard.  She loves to get her back rubbed.  I'm hoping that this big girl has a big udder once she kids this fall.  


This is our Willa, German for fierce protector.  She is our livestock guardian dog that protects our herd and flock.  She is half Great Pyranees and half Anatolian Shephard.  We got her as a little pup, and she has grown into our gentle giant.  She's very good at her job as a protector but a big ole baby when we're out in the goat yard with her.

We also have chickens here on the homestead.  They were the driving force behind needing Willa for protection.  We have a little flock of misfits but they give us plenty of eggs for our breakfasts. 

Stay tuned, we're always adding news about the homestead.