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Goat Yoga

What is Goat Yoga and why should I try it?

Yoga in short is essentially a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science, which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body. It is an art and science of healthy living.

Goat yoga isn’t exactly your traditional yoga class.  We like to consider goat yoga a win-win. Human participants get the health benefits of stretching and breathing while also benefiting from animal therapy. The endorphins released during yoga and the happiness exuded by goats can help to improve your mood. Yoga helps to enhance your flexibility and range of motion. Yoga also helps to get your heart rate up and can lower blood pressure. The goats love it because they get extra human socialization.

Keep checking back for added classes.  Here’s a current schedule of Goat Yoga Classes


Here are our Upcoming events

 May 11th

May 18th 



At each of our yoga classes you will come in where mats are laid out and you will pick your spot.  You will look around and see anywhere from 4-6 baby goats running around.  We do keep them diapered so that there are no messes.  No one wants to do yoga in those messy situations. Each class is instructed by a certified yoga instructor who regularly teaches yoga at YMCA and other locations.  The instructor will lead the class into warm up, yoga and a cool down.  Throughout the class the goats will run and play while using you to jump/ stand and spin off.  Since the class is for beginners and goes at a leisurely pace, anyone can do goat yoga. These classes tend to sell out quickly.  You can sign up for your spot by checking back here for upcoming events. 

Ticket includes:

1 hour of yoga instruction by certified instructor

Yoga mat (they are sanitized between classes)

Complementary water

Baby goat cuddles

Surprise gift



* Children under 10 are not permitted.

* Each participant must purchase a ticket.

* Due to space only ticket holders will be allowed in the goat yoga room.

* Due to no-shows these tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable.  Each venue is paid based on ticket sales not in person attendance.