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Livin’ the Goat Life

Well, Here We Are

First, Hi! Welcome! A big thanks to those stopping by our webpage and hanging around for the blog. 

Second, let me say as much as I love to write, think poetry-ish.  It seems like I can never find the time.  However, I have been wanting to share our farm story, my version of it anyway, for a long time.  So, that’s exactly what I’m going to attempt to do.  

Let’s get the introductions out of the way.  My name is Heather, aka “the crazy goat lady” & “Goat Queen”.  When I was younger, running a homestead and homeschooling were not on my radar.  But here we are.  I’m 44 years old, wife to a man who supports my crazy, mom to 3 human kids, 21 goat babies (most are full grown but they’re all my babies), 3 dogs, and if I were to guess around 30 chickens (I’ve lost count).

We are in our 9th year of homeschooling, our oldest graduated last year.  She is now a professional Dog Groomer here in town.  Our twins are freshman this year!!! YIKES! We have an amazing co-op family, I’m a National Beta Club Sponsor, and our kids are actively involved in Beta!! Right now Kenzie is playing volleyball and Cole is playing basketball, and this momma is running around like crazy, but the good thing is, school goes where we go!


Right now, on the homestead, the main bathroom in the house is getting re-vamped (pics to come), we’re getting the last of our winterizing done around the farm, and making breeding plans.  Our breeding season starts the first of November. I’m excited to make new matches with my mommas and bucks, and see what babies those pairs will bring.  Hoof trimming is on the agenda this week, and lots of Goat Milk goods in the making as we enter the busy business season.  I have an event all but 2 weekends from now until Christmas.


And, the kids, Chaela (oldest) is prepping for a trip to Iceland next week, and Kenzie and Cole are in high-speed prepping for our Beta state convention coming up in November.  


This just grazes the surface of who we are as a family, as a goat farm, business and homestead. Please leave comments on what you want to hear about from me! Questions? Bring it on, I’ll answer all that I can.  

Stay tuned for a weekly blog post, and be sure to find us on all the socials!  


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  • I love seeing your highlights and what you are doing around the homestead!


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